Cool Canines

Raj and Big Boy at the beach

There's a very, very soft spot for dogs on these pages.  They add immense joy and eventually generate profound pain when they take their final leave.  But while they're here, dogs offer as close to unconditional love as is possible and offer one of life's most simple, but overlooked lessons: Live in the moment!

Most readers who know me know of Bailey, my wonder dog who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge two years ago.  He made such a mark on me that I realized having a dog is core to who I am and what I love.

Teddy and Raj.

Since then, I've adopted Raj, a two year old Pit-Ridgeback mix.  Also in my pack is Teddy, Sybil's two year old old cockapoo.  The two of them are brothers from different mothers.  Raj wants to be a 70 pound lap dog, and Teddy just wants to be 70 pounds (he's got about 60 to go).

As a rescue, Raj has some issues, but loving Teddy and rest of the family, aren't among them.  They both bring a lot of laughs and joy, while often threatening to cross the line of human tolerance.  From time to time, they'll show up here,  because dogs can slow down the daily drama and bring a smile to one's face.

Periodically you'll be greeted with a look at some very cool dogs.  Feel free to add to the canine gallery.  Send a photo with the dog's name and breed and he/she will join the club.

Willow and Raj at Runyon Park, 2013.

Dan Kavanaugh and Cashmere.

The majestic Teddy, at Mammoth, fall 2015.

Raj and Teddy, brothers forever.

Raj and Teddy, brothers forever.

Tank and Doc in repose.

Bosco, San Francisco, 2013.  RIP.

Jake was here!!

Bailey: The best of the best.  Miss ya, buddy.