Michael Stradford lounging with Raj and Teddy, December 2015.


Michael Stradford is an entertainment industry executive whose three decade career has spanned all forms of media: Music, Radio, DVD, Film, Television and Interactive Entertainment. Michael is currently employed at Warner Home Entertainment as Director of Creative Services.   Previously, Michael was a partner in Big Air Studios, a film distribution company, after having led the Digital Production and Development team for Crackle at Sony Pictures. In this role Michael also produced two groundbreaking, multi-platform, digital movie projects:  Angel of Death and the award-winning show The Bannen Way. Michael’s progressive thinking has served him well in his career, creating and running Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's DVD Special Features department, where he served as a pioneer in the added-value space, creating special material for hundreds of film and television properties including Spider-Man, Men in Black, Lawrence of Arabia, Bad Boys, Bugsy and The Larry Sanders Show, and he worked in collaboration with many of Hollywood’s biggest stars and creators including Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, Pierce Brosnan, Robert DeNiro and more.  Prior to that, Michael was manager of the film archives at Warner Bros, a record executive for Quincy Jones’ Qwest Records and an award winning radio program director.  Michael, 6'5", lives in downtown Los Angeles (in a loft with very high ceilings and his very tolerant dog, Raj), and is in the final stages of authoring a coffee table book on the fashion history of Miles Davis.